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Vishama Kara Kannan

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vishamakara kannan

vishamakara kannan

Manikandan Lakshmanan
5 years ago
Vishamakaara Kannan - Aruna Sairam

Vishamakaara Kannan - Aruna Sairam

Soorya Creations
3 years ago
Vishama Kara Kannan

Vishama Kara Kannan

Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj - Topic
2 years ago

1: Oh Mischievous Kanna! cunningly Mischievous Kanna! singing hilariously
indulging in variety games, playing each minute, Oh Shepherd boy Krishna!

2: Looking like a dark cloud, will enter and dwell in heart if sung of,
Playing the delightful flute, playing and demanding gopis ‘give me a little butter’!

3: will call the neighbouring girl and if she says I don’t know to sing mukhari
Pinch her hard and while she cries in pain, say, ‘this is mukhari!’

4: Drill a hole in the pot and drink the curd that leaks out of it
Call the friends to park and teach them by touch
When an aunty comes freely to Yasoda’s house
and lifts him, he will embarrassingly smother her all over!!

5: The butter pot shall not be covered; shall not question if he gulps
Shall not complain his mother, if complains cannot bear the chaos he does!
If taunted ‘do not steal’ he will retort,
‘Your mother, grandma grandpa all are thieves’

Vocal: Aruna Sairam
Violin: Padma Shankar
Mridangam: J. Vaidyanathan
Ghatam: S. Karthick
Tabla: Chandrajit
Flute: Vishnu
Sitar: Kishore

**Vishmakara Kannan Lyrics**
vishamakkara kannan pollada vishamakkara kannan
vedikkaiyai pattu paadi
vidham vidhamai attamaadi
nazhikkoru leelai sheyyum nanda gopala krishnan
vishamakara kannan polladha vishamakara kannan

neela megham pole iruppan
padinalo nenjil vandu kudiyiruppan
kolap-pullankuzhal udi ,gopigalai kallam adi
konjambola vennai tadi enru kettu attamadum
(vishamakara kannan)

pakkattu vittup-pennai azhaippan
mukhari ragam pada solli vambukizhuppan
enakkadu teriyadenral nekkuruga killi vittu
(aval) vikki vikki azhum podu idandi mukhari enban
(vishamakara kannan)

vennai panai moodakkudadu
ivan vandu vizhunginalum ketkak-kudadhu
ivan amma kitte shollakkudadu
shollivittal attahasam taanga onnadu
shumma oru peccukkanum tirudanenru sholli vittal
un amma paatti atthai thaatha attanaiyum tirudarenban
(vishamakara kannan)

**About Aruna Sairam**
Aruna Sairam (Padma Shri) is a Carnatic vocalist, composer, collaborator, humanitarian, and speaker. In addition to her performances in India, Aruna has taken Carnatic music to the global arena, at prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall. Currently Vice Chairperson of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Delhi, she was appointed in 2008 by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as Advisor to the Department of Culture. Aruna works towards the musical education of underprivileged students, through the Nadayogam Trust, which she founded in 2011. Aruna is grateful for the training she received under her mother Rajalakshmi Sethuraman and the legendary T. Brinda, and the mentorship from several masters throughout her musical journey. Her music erased geographic borders when she was the first to incorporate Abhang, a Western Indian musical form, into a traditional, South Indian concert.

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